MSTilesWelcome Saint Leo students, faculty, and staff to the contest page for our “Not Your Grandfather’s Microsoft Days” contests!  The vision sessions are over and the kickoff trainings are in the books.  But you may be asking how to win one of those Surfaces or Xbox One game systems?  So, on to the contests you’ve heard about…here are the rules!  In order to participate in the contests:

  1. You must answer one of the “problem statements” below with your solution using at least one of the Office 365 suite of tools.
  2. You will share your solution on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 in the Boardrooms from 11:30am – 1pm.  (Note – if you cannot be in the boardrooms over the lunch hour – free food will be served – you may send a substitute presenter to show your solution on your behalf.  We are happy to provide a letter requesting you be excused from your classes during the presentation times.)
  3. Presenters may sign up for more than one contest, however presenters cannot sign up for multiple solutions to a single contest so as to earn more votes.  Multiple solutions are encouraged, but will be combined into a single presentation during the voting round.
  4. Please use the links (below) to sign up for one or more contests.  Please do so by midnight, Friday, February 12, 2016.  If you have any problems, reach out to for assistance.
  5. Your presentation will be on your device(s), designed as a “digital poster session” to showcase to students, faculty, and staff what you did in order to accomplish your solution.  All materials must be appropriate in nature and will potentially be filmed and used for marketing both internally and externally.  A signed form will be required for permission to use your likeness and your work in this context.
  6. Your work should be your own, even if inspired by other people’s ideas.

The Problem Statements – broken into categories.  Please provide a solution or example of how to manage one of the following:

Student Contests (Sign up here for student contests:

  • Best learning connections: How can a student create connection between the Office 365 tools (and any outside tools desired) so as to improve learning?  Perhaps helping with study habits, note taking, preparing for a test, or better ways by which to write papers, just as a few examples.  (Prizes: 1st – Surface Pro 4; 2nd – Xbox One)
  • Best notes: How can a student demonstrate the best example of comprehensive notes using the One Note tool in the Office 365 suite?  Might it include text, audio, video, and links?  Might notes connect between notebooks and classes?  The possibilities seem endless!  (Prizes: 1st – Surface Pro 4; 2nd – Surface Pro 3)
  • Best Group Project: How can a group of 2-4 people create the ultimate team project using the Office 365 tools?  Might it mean leveraging Sway + OneNote + PowerPoint?  Or perhaps Mix + Lens + OneDrive?  The permutations boggle the mind!  (Prizes: 1st – Surface Pro 3 for up to 4 people)

Faculty Contests (Sign up here for Faculty contests:

  • Best Multi-Class Connection: How can two faculty best connect their classes, students, and possibly even assignments using the Office 365 set of tools?  Perhaps a shared OneNote Class Notebook?  Maybe shared Sway presentations from two differing perspectives?  What else might be used?  (Prizes: 2 Surface Book Pro)
  • Best Team Project Assignment: How can a faculty member build a group project for students that leverages the Office 365 suite, yet gives students more opportunities to learn, grow, and present information than ever before?  With all of the new connection and presentation tools at our disposal, there appear to be a lot of choices! (Prizes: 1st – Surface Pro 4; 2nd – Surface Pro 3)

Staff, Student, Faculty Contest (Please sign up here for all contests:

  • Best Sway Presentation: How can we build a better, stand-alone presentation that incorporates multiple types of media and text using Sway? (Prizes: 1st – Surface Pro 4; 2nd – Surface Pro 3; 3rd – Xbox One)
  • Most Innovative Use of Lens: How can Microsoft’s new tool “Lens” help solve an academic problem in a creative way?  (Prizes: 1st – Surface Pro 4; 2nd Surface Pro 3)
  • Most Powerful Learning Experience: How can the Office 365 tools be used to create the most powerful, innovative, creative, and/or memory helping learning experience at Saint Leo University?  (Prizes: 1st – Surface Book; 2nd Surface Pro 3; 3rd – Xbox One)
  • Best use of OneDrive: How can a storage / repository tool be used to create the best possible foundation in an academic framework?  (Prizes: 1st – Surface Pro 3; 2nd – Xbox One)

Dr. Jeff Borden
Chief Innovation Officer
Saint Leo University

(Want to put your contest solution over the top?  Perhaps incorporating something from the Microsoft Garage could help.  We won’t hold trainings on these “skunkworks” projects, but Student Planner or XIM might be just what you’re looking for to make your contest entry shine!)

About Jeff Borden

My title at work is ‘Chief Innovation Officer.’ So I'm trying to transform teaching and learning at scale. How do I do that? Through my "life" jobs. Primarily, I'm a dad and husband. But I'm also a professor, writer, professional speaker, comedian, researcher, lifelong learner, musician, dog-owner, and even a ranked disc golfer... I've spoken to, trained, or consulted with hundreds of thousands of educators at all levels, in numerous countries, K-20, about how to teach and learn effectively in the 21st Century.

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