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Home Again – Part I


Well….we’re finally home.  I mean that figuratively and literally.  Last week we signed the papers and our newly built home became a reality.  We’re home.

BordenHouseIt’s been a really long and sometimes stupid road.  I haven’t blogged about it previously because there was actually some question about whether we’d get into this house and I couldn’t jeopardize it.  But now that we’re in, here we go.

To call our move a comedy of errors would be ironic even to Shakespeare.  So, I’m going to have to put it all into two parts.

It all began about 9 months ago when we signed a contract to build a new house in Florida.  We were told that the house would most likely be ready by March, possibly early April.  So, we put our Colorado houses (remember, my in-laws moved here with us) on the market, and crossed our fingers.

If you believe in Karma, you might think that our first piece of news would set the tone.  We sold our house 1 HOUR before we put it on the market.  Seriously.  Likewise, my in-laws had a bidding war on their hands and sold for considerably more than they were asking.  Wow.  But after that, I channeled my best Clark Griswald…

After researching the best move + storage options, I chose 1-800-Pack-Rat.  They’ve been doing this a while and we could have pods delivered, pack them at our leisure, and have them transported to Florida where they would sit in an air conditioned warehouse while we waited for the house to be built.  Check.

During my phone calls with the company, I asked as many ways as I could (square footage, rooms, levels, etc) how many pods we would need.  I was assured our 2400 sq ft house would fit into 2 pods.  “Can you come out and take a look?” I asked.  Nope.  They don’t do that.  But they assured me the pods would hold our stuff.

Co2FlI’m sure you’re ahead of me by now.  The first thing you should know is that square footage for a house with a basement, while illegal on a house contract, should be noted when moving.  In other words, I should have said we had a 3,000 sq ft house!  Second, I should have gone with my gut…but of course that didn’t happen.

So, on moving day, we had our 6 burly guys helping us load the pods, boxes marked, etc., only to find that we were short.  REALLY short.  A quick call to Pack Rat elicited no help – they were out of pods.  So, with 12 hours prior to closing my house, we feverishly called other providers and found a 26 foot ABF truck we could load and only pay for the square footage used.  (We used ALL of it!)

Now, amid the crying and yelling from my in-laws, wife, and myself, we also had to start rearranging our box strategies.  We had to get a Uhaul to load some things into and deliver them to my in-laws house to help even the loads.  And guess what happened next?  Our boxes, all marked with apartment vs storage were jumbled by the movers.  Completely jumbled.  Of course we wouldn’t know that for about a week…

We drove to Florida, trying to take some time to see the country.  It was my daughter’s first real road trip.  We saw the Arch, went to an amusement park, Nashville, and even a Marvel show in Kentucky.  But eventually we arrived in Florida, at the doorstep of our apartment.

The apartment’s website forgot to mention the cat urine that seemed to be sprinkled across the carpet like Glade.  But eventually we cleaned what we could and called for the apartment pod.

More crying.

My first two weeks in Florida consisted of buying entirely new clothes, new luggage, and some furniture because we had no idea where the rest of our stuff actually was.  As well, the garage we had rented was filled with unnecessary stuff, instead of my wife’s car.

It was during this week that our house builder let us know March was just not realistic.  In reality, our house would be ready in late April or May.  (May 27, as it turned out.)

More crying.

So, within 3 weeks, our lives were upended, our friends were gone, our home was now temporary, and our stuff was…well, it was “out there somewhere.”

That was our introduction to Florida, to moving, and to our new reality.  Not exactly a prestigious start.

I’ll actually tie this all to some concepts regarding innovation and learning in part 2.  But for now, I’m going back to unpack some more boxes.  See you next week…

Good luck and good learning.

Dr. Jeff D Borden
Chief Innovation Officer

About Jeff Borden

My title at work is ‘Chief Innovation Officer.’ So I'm trying to transform teaching and learning at scale. How do I do that? Through my "life" jobs. Primarily, I'm a dad and husband. But I'm also a professor, writer, professional speaker, comedian, researcher, lifelong learner, musician, dog-owner, and even a ranked disc golfer... I've spoken to, trained, or consulted with hundreds of thousands of educators at all levels, in numerous countries, K-20, about how to teach and learn effectively in the 21st Century.

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