Saint Leo University Learning Innovation Team

While all faculty and staff ensure that Saint Leo is always seeking innovation, the office of Learning Innovation tries to provide a platform as well as facilitate curation of assets and resources to help make it happen, all at scale.  Please meet the team!

Dr. Jeff D. Borden – Chief Innovation Officer

JeffBordenJeff has been trying to make ‘learning innovation’ happen for over two decades.  Both a professor and administrator, Jeff has spoken around the globe with (literally) thousands of educators about innovative projects, initiatives, and strategies for education.  He’s brought much of that experience to Saint Leo to bolster an already  rich platform of experimentation and creativity.  Jeff’s remit is to take great ideas that better learning and perpetuate them at scale.


SteveRheinschmidtCartoonSteve Rheinschmidt – Director of Innovation

Steve is often referred to as the former, 10-year Executive Director of the Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC). But since leaving Iowa four years ago, Steve has wandered the Earth promoting program growth and innovation using a partnership platform in a more commercial venture.  Steve comes to Saint Leo to promote management, direction, and aggregation of a portfolio of Learning Innovation initiatives, while heading up some new strategies like the lowering of course materials costs while maintaining the highest quality possible.



GregKunzweilerCartoonGreg Kunzweiler – Learning Innovation Implementation Specialist

Greg has been honing his creative education chops since starting out as a Physical Education teacher.  “Coach K” as some refer to him, moved to higher education almost a decade ago, putting his skills to work in learning design.  The natural combination of his two past contexts have combined to make Greg a natural Learning Innovator, as evidenced in the use of tools and strategies in his own class as an adjunct faculty member.  Greg has championed several new methods, toolsets, and ideas such as MeTL (now called Whiteboard) at Saint Leo, sharing ‘best teaching and learning’ as supported by underlying technology along the way.


GordonSansonCartoonDr. Gordon Sanson – Learning Innovation Academic Liaison

Dr. Sanson comes to us after a remarkable career as a tenured, full-professor in biology with Monash University.  Gordon, who is likely one of the top three experts in the world regarding teeth (yes, you read that correctly), is helping Saint Leo in a part-time capacity, leveraging a tool he envisioned and turned into a reality at Monash.  MeTL, the shareable whiteboard that helps professors know in the moment who is and who is not engaged, participating, and which allows students and master teachers to co-construct the classroom content together, is under Gordon’s shepherding so as to customize the experience for Saint Leo.  In a very short time, Dr. Sanson has come to understand what many educators take a lifetime to learn – how learning innovation can be used to create “best” learning, at scale.